Why it's important:

Marketing locally has made your business what it is today, but you need room for growth. By tapping into Aveda's global network, you add breadth and even greater credibility to your message. The results are tangible: keeping our shared brand top-of-mind; making your guest experience memorable; and drawing in new customers, while keeping the best ones coming back.

How it's done:

Foundations for Success™: Proven in-store tools for an easy, pleasing guest experience worthy of repeating. They include: retail shelving, merchandising displays, product Shelftalkers, graphics, Jumbo Posters and window lettering.

Online Marketing Library: Our online marketing library offers 435 customizable, easily downloadable marketing pieces—from tip sheets to posters to co-op ads. In fiscal year 2008, it saw 49,097 downloads.

Pure Privilege™: Our rewards program for repeat customers. Each purchase earns your guest redeemable points—which leads to future purchases and lets you build one-on-one customer relationships.

Aveda gift cards: Send new guests straight into your salon or spa. The cards are redeemable by all salon/spas participating in the Pure Privilege program (U.S. only).

On-hold messaging: Aveda product and holiday news drives guests to your door before they ever leave theirs.

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