Why it’s important:

Because your business is a reflection of yourself, you want to give it every opportunity to thrive. Joining the Aveda network is a smart start; becoming a Concept or Lifestyle partner is the formula for brilliant success.
When you commit to Aveda exclusively, as a Concept Salon or Spa, you gain all the benefits of a network partner—but also the kind of advantage that only comes with a single, powerful focus.
You can have more aligned product support, with less staff or customer confusion; more focused and complete inventory, without product overlap; better time management, with less training. And when you take the next step to become a Lifestyle Salon or Spa, you not only make yourself more visible to customers, you benefit from the entire breadth of what Aveda has to offer: products, services and rituals; a powerful brand.

For more information download the Concept Benefits Grid

Marketing and Education Award Chart:

Fiscal Year
Up to $25,000 $500 $500
$25,001 – $75,000 $1000 $1000
$75,001 – $150,000 $2000 $2000
$150,001 – $250,000 $3000 $3000
$250,001+ $4000 $4000
* Please refer to "Benefit Guidelines" in this brochure for complete program details. The fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30. Funds are awarded on July 1. Funds for salons with 12-months' purchase history are based exclusively on purchase. Salons joining the program mid-year will receive benefits on a pro-rated basis.

How it's done (for qualified Concept and Lifestyle locations only):

Customer referrals: Our unique referral system provides over 10 million referrals in one year to our Concept & Lifestyle Salon/Spas. This referral system—from stores and schools, to emails and websites, and 1.800.AVEDA— continually drives customers to your door: up to 4,000 guests per salon/spa each year.

E-salon: Our pioneering program grows your profits and customer base, while offering consumers a seamless shopping experience. Concept Salons/Spas don't need their own websites to benefit—you can still earn a 15% commission on aveda.com sales made to your clients. And those salon/spas who do link their own websites to aveda.com can earn a 25% commission when their clients buy there. What's more aveda.com customers who've never been to an Aveda Salon/Spa are referred to the nearest locations in the area, driving new business to you. (Please note: Currently available in the U.S. only. For more specific program details, please speak with your salon/spa development partner.)

Get the facts: Links your own website to aveda.com offering more detailed information to potential local customers.

Aveda Pure Partners: At the Concept or Lifestyle salon/ spa level, you have additional functionality and within
AvedaPurePartners.com, our state-of-the-art job matching site designed exclusively for the Aveda network.

Aveda logo use: Available for use on all standard business collateral, including menus, website, letterhead and business cards. (Please note that Aveda funds do not reimburse for the creation of the collateral itself, and that any other use of the logo must be approved by Aveda.)

Exterior co-branding: Exclusive to Lifestyle locations.

Education Fund: Based on your purchases during the year, fund dollars help subsidize the cost of ongoing Aveda education — whether basic or advanced; local or national; targeted classes or network events. Your tuition or instructor fees are cut by up to 50%, depending on your fund level. (Please see chart at right.)

Co-marketing Fund: As with Education, the Fund assigns dollars (based on your yearly purchases) that can be applied to a variety of out-of-pocket marketing expenses, specifically those that help you co-promote the Aveda brand and yours locally. Your costs are reimbursed, up to 50%, in retail product. (Please see chart at right.)

For more information download the Reimbursement Checklist

Qualifying materials include:

— Print Ad Layouts
— Direct Mail Layouts
— Billboards
— Radio Advertising
— Cinema Advertising
— In-store Promotional Collateral
i.e., Client Referral Cards, Station Talkers, Posters
(Please note that the materials above must be unaltered from the versions found in our online Marketing Library in order to qualify.)
— Certain ad placement/printing costs
— Foundations for Success™ materials
— Other shared branding resources
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